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I am a knitting, crafting, working mother of two. This tumblr blog is where I post all of my on-the-go knitting and crafts with occasional notes about whatever is on my mind at the time. I also reblog other knitters and crafty folks on tumblr. Because it's fun. :)

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So this is where I’m at now. I have to weave in the floss from the reinforcing of the buttonholes (btw, hated it!). Anyway, once I’ve done that, this knit is getting blocked and I will have made up some time for the blue cotton scarf that took me forever. 

Using two different cameras for these because my rebel t1i is acting fishy.  Might need to get it checked out or something.

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#knitting  #cowl  #buttons  #buttonholes  #reinforced buttonholes yikes 
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    Ugh, XOX cables are my absolute favorite. Knits them into everything.
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